Dana Salonoy

Designer and Illustrator



Tora the Tiger Taco Enamel Pin

My idea board

I get a lot of inspiration from tumblr so I naturally went there and reblogged some cutesy pins: The links are here: http://danablu.tumblr.com/


My favorite Apple Metal pin

I found this melting Charmander from the AP site. Is Charmander in pain? Evolving? What is happening...? Anyway, it's nice because it's glittery. 


My process

I wanted something fun and quirky, so I made a list of my favorite food and animals. Eventually taco and tiger won. Googling for "taco" I found taco cat. I didn't know about it until now. I must be living in a cave. Anyway, here are some quick sketches in PS.


And...My Tiger Taco! 

Here's the sketch rendered in AI and a mockup. He's a feisty kind of taco. Look at those eyes. Presenting Tora the tiger taco!




This was a fun project. Thank you for reading! ^^


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