Topography & Design: Create Your Own Vector Topo Map | Skillshare Projects

John Coleman

Designer | Illustrator



Topography & Design: Create Your Own Vector Topo Map

For those interested in boosting your design skills by learning how to incorporate topography, enroll in my class! 

From a marketing persepective, my class launched Sunday night and I announced it Monday morning. I’ve quickly gotten to 20 students basically by Tuesday night, but hardly any since - really trying to get that #25 and beyond! My main social media platform is Instagram (@topo_bear), here: and I’ve got teaser trailers there and here on Vimeo:

I'm hopeful that getting on the trending page will help, as well as learning where my students are coming from and pushing them here from those areas. Most of my Instagram following isnt actual designers, but purveyors of designers they like.


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