Tophat Penguin

Tophat Penguin - student project

This is my first ever 3d model, and it's still in Progress (only worked on it for 4  hours so far) and i will update it as i go along

Here we have the Concept of a Penguin with a Top-hat and Bow-tie
Tophat Penguin - image 1 - student projectTophat Penguin - image 2 - student projectThis is My Progress after 4h of modeling (i have no front currently)
- The Tail really gave me problems (i want it to be optimized in regards of Meshes so i joined it using a boolean operator and then going over it with the sculpt tool to remove unforeseen mesh problems and also to smooth out the crease where they collided)

Tophat Penguin - image 3 - student project


As i said i will update this project as i go along
- next up is the Beak, Bow-tie & eyes (maybe the hat will also be included)

This is The finished model without textures

Tophat Penguin - image 4 - student project
and here we have the fully complete Tophat Penguin with is fancy Suit

Tophat Penguin - image 5 - student project

i did not use the clay material because it doesn't fit in my opinion