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Top Tech Blogger

My Story

After work, I joined a big IT company as a developer. After 7 years working there, I decided to leave in order to pursue a international MBA. I am leaving not because I was unhappy in my last company. On the contrary, I am extremly happy that and awarded top talent almost evey two years. However, I found that I am become more and more dependent on that environment. Most of my friends are from that company and we are using jargon of that company in our daily ife. I found that I became less competative than when I join. 

After MBA, I am working in a global rotation project for another company. The company treats us well with rotation to different countries. However, I am not happy. The people here do not realize my value. I am also not motivated to learn more.

Why I am here

I am someone with great insights about technology. Now I am extremely good analyzing the industry with its trend. However, in my current job, there is no such needs. 

But I want to more people to know that. I want more people to appreciate my capability. I want to build my own influence.


Name: Top Tech Blogger


1. Be a part-time editor of top tech websites

2. Known to people

3. Be a influential speaker at different tech events.

Impact: Build myself as a known tech blogger or editor


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