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Saraya Cheney

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Top Sites for Fashion Trends

Some of my favorite places to "source" fashion trends are:

1. The Sartorialist- street fashion from around the world, captured by Scott Schuman. 

2. The Coveteur- offers fashion and beauty from the movers and shakers of the fashion industry as well as celebrities.

3. Garance Doré- who I consider the female version of Scott Schuman, but she throws beauty on top of fashion.

4. Totokaelo- group of designers and artists that many find inspiration from as far as fashion and beauty go.

5. büro 24/7- it's a russian based website, but has tons of information on fashion/beauty. Was founded by Miroslava Duma.

6. Fashion Gone Rogue- already covered.

7. Asos- big in spotting trends that become especially popular in the US, but that are already popular in the UK/elsewhere

8. Zara- great place to take inspiration from

9. Pinterest- you can follow designers, artists and others, see what is on their minds. Quite often, when something is trending, they will be some of the most popular pins.

That's about all  I can think of now, apart from some of the more obvious trend sites.


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