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Top Productivity Hacks for Creatives & Entrepreneurs


Class Topic & Description

Top Productivity Hacks for Creatives & Entrepreneurs

When asking any creative or entrepreneur what they are struggling with the most, the common answer is, "I want to get more done." This is particularly true because the more you're getting done, the more money you make. And by growing the business, you could then provide more for your family and your own well-being.

It comes as no surprise that the ability to effectively use their time and efficiently get their work done is one of the most valuable skills that every entrepreneur can have. Whether you're running a solo side hustle or a small business with the team of four, productivity is one crucial key to making or breaking your business.

That's why I created this on-purpose class to share with you a few top productivity hacks that every creative and entrepreneur should know. By the end of these class, you will be able to undertake tasks with confidence that your time and energy are well invested, getting more important work done with clarity, and moving one step closer to your business and personal goals.

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Class Project & Description

Create A Productivity Booster Plan

Your assignment for this project is to create your personal productivity booster plan based on the teaching in this class!

There are action steps in each lesson to help you gain a clear picture of your current position and start improving your overall productivity. At the end of the class, you will be able to gain a complete understand of these top productivity hacks and implement them together as on in your Productivity Booster Plan.

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Class Outline

Link to my class outline:

PS: Feel free to leave a complete on the outline. All suggestions and feedback are welcomed!

Updated Introduction

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Nov 22

Just done shooting and editing every lesson. Uploaded to Skillshare, working on cover images for each lesson right now.

Nov 25

  1. My class is up! Click here to enroll:


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