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Mireya .




Top Label for a cookie tin,

It just about occured to me that I never poted a project. That was probably because I had no clue how to do one. I recently read the live Q & A and wen back to review your videos and here I am. Tdoay I found myelf enjoying a fresh chocolate chop cookie from the over right before it cooks down. I plated them and took out my cookie tim and then it hit me! Let's create a cookie tin label. I traced the shape of my cookie tin and went right to work!


I did a little research to find the right redn warm tone and plate designs. I also looked at some tins and I am happy with my layout.


Oh dear the swirl makes the t in toasty look like and F. Well I can fix this no worries.

I am still learning. I love the xmas tree. 

Things to work on swirls near the t and the mitten, the star and the y in toatsty seems crowded.


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