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Sara H




Top Hat

More than a tale about a top hat, the film is a fun romp around Europe with dancing, comedy and love at first tap starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

My poster was inspired by the big white room set which was prevalent in the 1930’s inspired by Art Deco.

I had watched the film a long time ago it and needed to read up some more.

After researching the film, watching clips of the dance numbers on YouTube and also a documentary about Fred & Ginger (I got carried away)

Off to blender and I modelled a simplistic stage with steps and an art deco theme object in the background.


I then modelled a top hat


and placed the hat  in my Big White Room scene to render


Taking that image into Affinity Designer - added some more detail - and added some feathers!

If you know the film, there’s Fred and Ginger dance to the song "Cheek to Cheek" where Ginger’s dress would shed feathers as she was twirled around.

Fred was furious that his tux was covered in pale blue feathers… so that inspired me.


Added an art deco theme font for the titles and called it.


Learned lots with this course thanks Ellen … and enjoyed it too


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