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Top 5 Experiences in Bariloche, Argentina

Here is what I have so far for my next blog post on I'll be adding pictures to it. Instead of a long narative I tried to do a top 5 bulleted list. Let me know what you think :)

On our way down Patagonia we decided to visit Bariloche, a gorgeous Swiss-like city in Argentina. While traveling there from Pucon we traversed Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi near the Chilean-Argentinian border and were already blown away by the scenery. The sights in and around the city itself did not disappoint either and were some of the most beautiful we had witnessed to date. I’ve listed our top 5 experiences in Bariloche along with pictures that will inspire you to add this amazing place to your bucket list!

  1. Cero Campanario 
  • From the top of this lookout you get a Fantastic 360-degree view of all the surrounding lakes and mountains. This is the best panoramic view in Bariloche!
  •  To get to Campanario take bus line 20 from the city to Km 17.5 (round trip costs around 16 Argentinian Pesos/ARS).
  • For a bit of a challenge hike up to the lookout. It will take about 30 minutes uphill and it is quite a pleasant walk.
  • You could also take the chair lift both ways but we opted to only take it down. It was nice to sit and relax while enjoying the breathtaking views.
  • In winter (June-Sept.) Cerro Campanario is a great place for winter activities.
  1. Colonia Suiza/ Swiss Colony
  • From the city take bus line 10 to get to this adorably picturesque spot first colonized by Swiss immigrants in the 19th Century.
  • Enjoy great traditional homemade foods including empanadas and the famous curranto (an incredible array of meat, vegetable and potatoes cooked in the ground with hot stones).
  • You can find fantastic beer and beautiful crafts handmade by the locals
  1. Scenic hikes (Season Dec.- Apr.)
  • Buses run frequently from the city center to some of the best trekking areas around Bariloche
  • Bus line 20 ends at Hotel Llao Llao. Be sure to make a pit stop inside this luxurious hotel for some pictures of the beautiful property.
  • From here you can continue hiking on to Puerto Pañuelo, Cerro Llao Llao & Lago Escondido.
  •  There are numerous treks of varying difficulty around Bariloche and you could find helpful hiking maps throughout the city.
  • Hike to nearby Cendero de los Arayanes for a lovely walk through the forest.
  • Other great hikes: Lago GutierrezCascada de los Duendes & Mirador Lago Gutierrez
  1. Craft beer
  •  Manush-  Stop in for some tasty grub at this hip gastro pub and stay for their diverse craft beer selection. The prices are reasonable and the food and beer are top notch!
  • Antares-  We had visited this place in Cordoba and loved it. Try their amazing and super strong barley wine beer.
  1. Chocolate
  • Bariloche is known for its great quality chocolate shops and there are plenty of chocolatiers around town. Make sure to stop in a few stores for delicious free samples!
  • Visit the adorable chocolate shop Mamuschka for some delectable desserts.


  • Bus transportation from the city out to the hiking points is good but buses can get quite crowded. Try a shared Remis or taxi to get around.
  • If taking the bus be sure to buy a bus card (30 ARS)
  • If you can afford it renting a car or camper saves you time and you’re able to visit many more hiking sites. Great if you’re only visiting a few days and want to get to most of the treks located outside of the city center
  • Bring ear plugs if staying in the city in December! High School students come out in droves for their senior class trip. Don’t be startled by annoying screaming kids in the middle of the night.


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