Top 5 Burger Restaurants in Jeddah that Nobody can eat at

Top 5 Burger Restaurants in Jeddah that Nobody can eat at - student project


I’m setting at home locked up and all I can think about is burgers. Wired right? While everyone is staying home and abiding the curfew regulations, my brain cells are craving juicy and tender pattie with lettuce and tomatoes. 


Right now, it feels like everything is about social distancing and washing the damn hands. But it is not I really miss my foodie spots. Do not take me wrong I’m not much into going out and I prefer the comfort of staying home but holy moly I do miss being at restaurants and enjoying a nice meal of burrrrrgers. Here is a list of the top five burger places that make my heart stop for a second. 


  1. Section-b 


If you want to enjoy a well-rounded experience of eating outside this is the place to go to. It has one of the best beef pattie burgers out there. It is juicy, fresh and rich in flavors. The customer experience is top-notch. If you are into sweet potato fries then you are going to have a great experience as they have one of the best ones in town. The one thing to keep on mind while visiting it is that there is not enough parking space so you have to park a bit far. 


  1. Rayn’s Burger 


The best place to enjoy a grilled chicken burger. Their burgers have this zesty-smokey flavor that is one of a kind. I would always choose a chicken burger over red meat one, but the place lacks a proper seating area that makes it lose the first spot to section-b. The burger is served with fries and unique dipping sauces. The sauces are really good but I wish they have a mayonnaise option as well.  


  1. Crispy House


From the name, you know you will enjoy a crunchy and light chicken burger. It is the perfect balance between those two and the result is superb. Even though the burger is deep-fried but it is not greasy at all. It feels like you are biting in clouds with a crisp texture on the outside. Their fries portion is huge and it comes appreciated as they are really good. 


  1. Century Burger 


This an old-time classic in Jeddah. If you ask any local where to enjoy a decent burger and hang with friends they will always recommend this place. It is choices in both chicken and beef are very good and their fries are one of the best out there.  


  1. Plan-B


Fusion flavor lovers will definitely enjoy this place. Their menu is always changing and they do offer flavors that no one expects in burgers. But they do offer them with perfection. My all-time favorite mix is the Cheetos breaded burgers. They are spicy and crispy they way you would imagine Cheetos as burgers. Their fusion chips are smoking hot as well. It certainly deserves its spot among the top five burger places in Jeddah.  


So here you have it a list of the best burger places that you can not enjoy at the moment.