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Elena Foucher

Teacher, Passionate about Personal Peace



Toothbrush Meditations

The Toothbrush Meditations are simple 10 second meditations that you do anytime you're stressed. You relax instantly while you're busy getting things done... right when you need it most.

They're quick and easy... you can learn them while brushing your teeth and you do them anywhere, especially when you're being productive and find yourself getting stressed!

They're a great way torelax and they're fun to do! 

Indeed they work because they use creativity to signal the mind to shift from 'fight or flight' to 'creative and effective' - retraining your brain to view productivity as a time to think effectivly and efficiently. 

I'm Elena Maria Foucher and I'm passionate about sharing personal peace. It's been quite a journey for me... I started my quest as a software engineer in San Francisco when I realized that all of my material success was not making me happy. I quit my job and spent the next 10 years living in Thailand, a culture based on ideals of kindness and mindfulness. I now moved to Hong Kong and I'm committed to sharing all that I've synthesized from my two lives, East and West, to help those of us who want to discover our own personal peace.

My goal with this course is to get a clear idea of how to market my brand (me and my passionate promise to help others discover their personal peace) and also how to market the tools that I am making (the Toothbrush Meditations are the first ones available). This course has helped me so much already and I'm looking forward to your comments, questions and suggestions... and to reviewing your projects as well. You guys are doing some amazing things!

Please check out my site and share your thoughts and feelings! All comments, suggestions, questions are welcome!


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