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Tools of the Trade for a Designer/Photographer!

So I had a lot of fun doing this! As a design/photography student at Uni, it was a handy class to help improve some of my knowledge and techniques in Photoshop (also to keep me busy during the holidays :3)

I chose a few items that I tend to use daily that relate back to my biggest interests and hobbies (sketch book, pencils, camera and earphones). I also decided to throw in some glasses to make it more unique to myself and because I'm blind as a bat without them! 

Here are some of my sketches:



After settling on a sketch and bringing up the basic shapes in Photoshop, I pulled out the paints and got messy! I actually really enjoyed the order of this process. In my design classes at Uni, we got taught to do the sketches, then the mark making and then pull it all together in Illustrator or InDesign etc. The teachers were never clear what the marks were going to be used for so I sturggled to create marks that were actually useful in the end project (I'm one of those people that needs to visalise the end project before starting it). In this project, by creating the shapes first, it was easier to create the marks that were needed to enhance the illustration.

Here's my final project. I left it for a week and then came back to it and touched it up a bit (colours, marks, saturation etc). I could keep retouching it (I never feel fully satisfied with the work I do) but I don't want to overwork it.


Overall, the hardest thing was getting used to the way Photoshop handles the pen tool. Drove me a little insane at times but once I got the hang of it I was alright. Definitely a lot of fun and the steps were really easy to follow, thanks Tom!

I might do another one in the future around another theme, if I find the time! 

Hope you all like it :)


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