Tools of the Trade : Drawing

Thanks Tom for sharing your skills in this class! Lots learned to continue exploring and creating with.

For my project I chose my favourite drawing tools.

Initial ideas, lists and thumbnails plus larger drawn objects that I than scaned to create my composition from.  


Chosen composition for colouring and inking in Photoshop!


Inky Marks:
The fun part! Hard to stop.


Photoshop Colouring and Inking:


Above is an earlier version before adding more textures. I think I may still like it more than my final. I chose an inky blue instead of the suggested black too just because its one of my favourite colours : )


And here is where I've ended up. More textures added and a change of colour. I'd hoped at the begining of this project that my outcome would be a lot looser so it's a bit stiffer than I was aiming for. Maybe more photoshop drawing practice with help and less focus on details! Lots of fun though, I really enjoyed creating this project. Tom's instructions were really clear and easy to follow.

Thanks, Evie


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