Cynthia Dahle

Graphic artist, illustrator



Tools of the Trade - Dog Walking

I wanted to do an image that was fun and personal, so after a brainstorming session, I landed on Dog Walking. My goal was to stretch my abilities, so I decided to use my dog, Max, who has very wild coloring!

First came the sketches. I used photos and real objects for reference. Then I did several layouts until I was satisfied. I altered my final sketch a bit when I got it into Photoshop to help with the layout. (switched positions of the poop bag and collar)


I used the pen tool in photoshop to block out the shapes and fidled with the colors.


Here are my ink marks. I made so many pages, but I ended up using just these three in the end.


Here is my finished project. Tom, I really had fun with this class. It has me excited to try other subjects! Thanks!



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