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Kristen Boydstun




Tools of the Trade: Coffee and Pasta

Hi all!

I'm new to illustration, and photoshop, and nearly everything else in this class, but I absolutely fell in love with this project. I think the shape of the Moka pot is beautiful, so I chose to illustrate some of the things I use in the morning to make coffee:

  1. Moka pot
  2. Cup
  3. Spoon
  4. Ground coffee
  5. Milk carton



I did 10 sketches to experiment with different layouts and ways of drawing the objects. The sketch on the right is the one I decided to work from.



Tools & Ink

I started at the art store - I had never heard of a nib before this class.. :)


I made several pages of marks, experimenting with the pen and brushes:



Work in progress






Final thoughts

Tom, your work is amazing, and this class was inspiring. Thank you.

If anyone has suggestions/feedback, I'd love to hear it. I had so much fun with this that I'm already brainstorming future projects. :)


Updated after feedback

I played around with the amount of detail in the moka pot, removing the illustration of the Bialetti man because the level of detail didn't work well with the rest of the piece. I also added lines to define the shape of the moka.


I liked the one on the right best, because the white lines allow the background to be used as the outline.



Sticking to the Italian theme, I created a second illustration about pasta. I'm really liking the energy of using two colors, and plan to go back and rework my coffee illustration for two colors as well.



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