Tools of my TRADE

Tools of my TRADE - student project

Tools of my TRADE - image 1 - student project

Welcome to my discombobulated the middle of moving, sorry about the mess.

Here on my table are some examples of my inky textures..getting my hands dirty comes naturally to me but I've never thought about capturing and documenting my inky fingerprints!

Tools of my TRADE - image 2 - student project

Tools of my TRADE - image 3 - student project

Keep it simple and don't over think mantra during this exercise, my final design is the very last one, coffee cup, scissors, brush, ink bottle and roller.

Tools of my TRADE - image 4 - student project

Here it is all finished..I think...I didn't want everything to have a texture so kept some of the fills clean. I'm a big fan of Paul Rand's design, and this reminded me of his style. Wow, I have to say that pen, path tool is a bugger, so not like illustrators pen tool, but eventually tamed the beasty.

I learned more about using channels too, which is a good thing!

Certainly will be doing more of this in the off to find a new place to live!

A big thanks to Tom, and my inspiring class mates!