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Cathy Abbott

Childrenswear designer, London



Tools of a Home Loving Explorer

When thinking about which tools of the trade to represent, I had a few different choices.   My day job is as a Childrenswear designer, but I decided to depict the tools that I use for my new sideline as a travel/homewear and design blogger. 

As the Home Loving Explorer, I blog about all the lovely things that inspire and excite me on a daily basis, and the places that I find on my travels.   My key tools for this are my trusty iPhone, on which I take hundreds of photos (and upload to instagram of course!) And a battered stachel which is usually filled with a variety of pens & pencils, my notebook/mini sketch pad,  as well as a few maps, pamphlets and entry tickets from athe last place I visited.  I have also included a cup of tea in my sketches as most of my blog posts are fueled by tea.




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