Tools of The Common

Tools of The Common - student project


Hunted by The Indivisible, a military might feared worlds over, and separated from his imprisoned love, Brigid, Alexander traverses the galaxy in his trusty cargo ship, Temperance & Judgement, the Starstuff Seeker, in search of The Tools of The Common, a set of heroic weapons and tools, to aid in his struggle. Working with friends old and new, he must reunite The Hand, a powerful guild of tradespeople, and use their power and wisdom to help bring freedom and peace to the galaxy, and to Brigid.

For my project, I'm going to develop a weapons inventory (The Tools of The Common), for a fictitious video game based in this universe. 

#DEVELOPMENT: mind map

Tools of The Common - image 1 - student project

#DEVELOPMENT: brainstorm

Tools of The Common - image 2 - student project

#DEVELOPMENT: icon list

  • Hammer
  • Crossbow
  • Gun/Shotgun/Rail Gun
  • Glass Knife
  • Gloves
  • Shield
  • Axe
  • Pick
  • Wrench

#DEVELOPMENT: inspiration

Chad Behnke

Interaction Designer & Illustrator