ToolJar - student project

The project

ToolJar - enterprise tools for a small business

As it usually happens, best ideas come from experience we have and even more from the mistakes we make. And the application ToolJar is not an exception. This is an example of a small business owner turning the frustration into a great tool, that helps making a business more efficient and leaves less room for mistakes.

ToolJar is created by an Italian developer, Damiano Venturin. And he is an owner of a small IT company for the last 16 years. A year ago he started the development of ToolJar and currently it is in a beta testing stage.

Questions about the project

What is the business problem:

Nobody knows about the brand, no positive feedback's. 
Not enough users, no potential partners/ resellers.

What is the business goal:

To have at least 5000 users of the app, to have press releases in several blogs, till the end of April 2013, to be shared.

What are the resources:

Not much...

$ - none

human resources - 1 person dealing with marketing, as a full time job but without any experience in the field.

What is the strategy:

- to learn marketing
- being discovered as a brand
- increasing traffic to the website

Tools I could use:

To learn marketing  

- several courses (Skillshare)
Digital buz blog - interesting for gathering ideas
Peter Kim’s Wiki - to go trough as a learning process.

Discovery of the brand

- Because there is no budget to pay for a press release, I hope there is a chance to make a guest post on relevant blogs.
- to use web resources, that can connect PR managers and journalists.
Creative sandbox - a chance to see great projects, to upload your project and to get some reviews, exposure.

Increasing traffic to the website

- Found several websites for Beta-testing.
- email marketing (but I'm not a fan of this path, sounds like spamming)
- for analyzing I would like to use Google search trends, Google keyword tool , the other tools are also very cool but most of them do not show world wide information. The application has 2 languages and in the future will have more, so international market is more interesting, then just US.