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Took me damn long enough...

6.26.13 @ 1:05

Alright! Just figured out how my Skillshare classes work... been super behind the past couple weeks due 60+ hr work weeks, BUT! I still need to make the effort to make ish happen, here we go...

Appsumo, stranger challange, very entertaining lesson!

Now I'm a really friendly gal, so I thought this was gonna be a cakewalk for me... turns out, not so much!

But of course, I'm not gonna let that stop me now, right? I mean, hello! Noah Kagen is my teacher, beyatch. Holla.

LESSON #2. Why do we validate?

I tried starting my last business while in college while I was still in the "rave" scene. I attempted to make and sell these:


Design school slaughtered me, ALIVE. Validation #1. Screw school. Follow your dreams and passions. Graduated in May of 2012, got my degree, and that useless (and EXPENSIVE) piece of paper is sitting in my desk collecting dust. EWWWWWWWW. Ouch.

Validation #2. Prices were too high. No one was willing to buy. Know your market, if you're selling to broke ass college students, know how much they are willing to pay for this.

Validation #3. I actually brought some of these "leftover" cuffs from back in maybe 2011 or so to a "not really but semi really" rave this past weekend (June 21st - 23rd, 2013) ... and instead of setting a price on these cuffs and presenting them to the consumer, when they asked me for a price, I told them that I would sell it to them at a price they thought it should sell for, I told the people interested in purchasing to name a price, and if I thought it was reasonable, I'd do business with them. Turns out, I was able to sell 5 in a short amount of time. Sold them at a MUCH lower price than I wanted to sell them at, but I learned the precieved market value of my cuffs.

Throughout my struggles in college trying to hustle rave gear while in that scene and balance school/work, I came to the conclusion that the rave market was too small for my liking. Oh, and too cheap, since it was mostly broke ass college/young kids in that scene. If I was to make money, I'd need a richer audience to go after.

Lesson #3, Validating on Ebay.


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