Took me a while to start, but I finally did it!

I saved this class for the longest time but never found the courage to do it. But finally I sat down and dedicated a good number of hours to this (8 hours in total!) and I'm so glad I did. :) 

I love the various techniques for details - the dry brushing with white ink, the gold accents, outlining the leaves, and adding texture. These little techniques really brought the leaves to life! I loved the way the leaves turned out but not so much the flowers. Drawing is still relatively new to me so some stuff are a bit off kilter. 

I used student grade tube paints and Dr PH Martin's Radiant Watercolour for this. Unfortunately I wasn't very used to the PH Martins. They were impossible to lift! And were highly staining. So some of the highlights were weird. 

I spent a total of about 8 hours on this piece and I'm really glad I went through the whole process (sketching, tracing, composing, transferring [using my computer screen as my lightbox]). Learnt many new tips and also feeling really accomplished. 

Thanks for this wonderful class!




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