Meliors Simms

Sustainable Life Skills Coach-Learn to Mend



Too soon to tell

I have one, new, class in the craft category and I intuitively decided to switch from mostly trending tags to more SEO tags a couple of days ago, then I was advised by another teacher to switch to all trending tags which I did yesterday. My current trending tags are craft, creativity, sewing, fashion design, DIY.

My class is exactly 14 days old and still looks to be trending well in its smaller categories (sewing, fashion design, DIY). I see its also second in the Best sewing search, so I think I'll definitely leave sewing as a category long term- which also makes sense for the topic (mending). I'll keep an eye on how its trending in those smaller categories and when I see it drop off then I'll play around with some SEO tags: repair, hand sewing, embroidery, patch, sustainable, restore.


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