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Too much good whiskey

I love my husband and he loves me...and whiskey.  He's also been badgering me to draw or paint something for him that he can hang in his office.  When I signed up for this class, I decided that I would center my project around one of his passions and make him a whiskey label (it was either that or a loon and whiskey is much more interesting).

Here is my brainstorming session, of which my husband participated in.  It was a fun exercise and actually made him quite thirsty!

I have been collecting inspirational images for quite some time just waiting for the opportunity to learn how to learn the skill of hand lettering.  Below are just a few of the images that will set the mood for my project - all found on Pinterest.

I have completed my sketches of the word I chose from my phrase...Whiskey.  Let me know what you think.


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