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Too much fun!!

Oh, my gosh!! This gesture drawing is just too much fun. I realize I probably should have traced over my drawings to make them show up better but I was too excited about the concept. I had to post this tonight. 

I'm not good and the arms are too long but this is my first experience with this. I hope to improve.


Oops! Heads are a little out of proportion, too. Tomorrow I will move on to the bonus project. Maybe I will get better as I go. 

Thanks, Christine, This is great.

I'm not too thrilled with my bonus figures. It would have helped if I'd known what people look like when they do certain moves - like yoga. Nevertheless, this was a great class with good help for learning to draw action. I enjoyed it.


I hate for this class to end.  Like I said, it's too much fun! 


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