Too Quiet

Phrase Choice:

The phrase that I'm going to letter is: "The world is too quiet without you nearby". It's a Lemony Snicket quote, and possibly a bit ambitiously long! The application would be a book cover.

Brainstorming session:

I wrote out a list of words and concepts connected to the phrase, it was interesting where this lead me as I started out with a lot of travel imagery and ended up at 40's film noir and graphic novels, via snowglobes.

Reference Material:

I collected together reference material, looking at both interesting typography and the overall mood of emptiness and distance. I became a bit obsessed with film title cards here. I have more reference material on a Pinterest board, but put together my favourite bits below.

Looking forward to starting some sketching now!

Lettering Warm-up:


I made a whole load of little, rough thumbnails, thinking aloud on paper.

Then some larger, more detailed thumbnails:

I'm loving the process, but still haven't cracked the final look. I'm going to work on a few more sketches, but wanted to share the process and show that I'm still pottering on with the project!


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