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Too Many Loops!

May 24, 2015

My basic problem is I want to accomplish and excel at everything. Comics, spirituality, dating, exercise...

I try to accomplish everything all at once and end up getting nowhere. Even when I pare it down to one field, I realize how vast and complex that field is. So I end up feeling overwhelmed and keep things broad. I feel not on top of my tasks. I want that to change. 

More than anything I want as much control as possible over my life.

I went through all the videos and exercises already and ended up more stressed. My plan now is to retake the course and update this project on a daily basis until I feel like I've gotten the hang of GTD.

STEP 1: Take the GTD Diagnostic Quiz.

The first time I took this course, these were my results:


The second time around was a little disappointing.


I've got a few ideas as to why I did worse. Seeing all these new tools (Evernote, Todoist) confused the hell out of me since I didn't take enough time to learn them. It could be the fact that I got a job and now am bound to another person's schedule (probably not a productive way to view a job). It could have been my emotions at the time of taking the test.

I expected just watching the videos would do the work for me. I won't make that mistake this time around.

May 25, 2015

I began today's session with a lot of enthusiasm. I thought of everything I am going to accomplish in my life, and realized that it will only happen if I develop a good productivity plan. 

Today I began tackled containers. I've already tried Todoist, so I experimented with another one and had problems with it. I got very distracted along the way and lost about an hour of time just sitting in frustration. That is perhaps my biggest problem: the fear of commitment. I call it Hamlet-ing.

Yet I am committing! I have chosen to use Todoist. I have added some loops to my already swollen inbox and am itching to sort them. That'll be later though.

My goals for tomorrow: don't get distracted. Don't give in to frustration. Commit to a solid hour of organizing.

May 26, 2015

When I'm in a noisy work environment like I was today, it's very easy to get distracted. I will have to be stronger in the future. I also realize that I need to plan out my days the night before. Planning in the morning always turns into winging it which always results in distraction and general aimlessness.

Today I began processing. The rules (process the top item, one at a time) really struck me--earlier today, killing time, I was clearing out my inbox. I was clearing them out according to my whims. I got very impatient and could have deleted some valuable ones. Nevertheless I cleared a lot out. But it was chaotic; even a form of procrastination. I would jump immediately to the old emails I knew I could delete, skipping over the ones that would take more work. I'll take a more methodical approach from now on. Following the rules is essential to developing a system that works for me.

First time around, I never made much of a distinction between the "someday" and "reference" categories.  Today I realized their distinctive purposes and took some time to sit down and learn Evernote. Making thhe distinction between "someday" and "reference" categories is vital, and probably a major reason why I got so flustered with GTD the first time around. I would just shove everything in Todoist, then get hell confused out of me when I tried to read my to do list. Now that I've got separate containers for actionable and non-actionable items, I can really get some clarity going.

My goals for tomorrow: continue to process inbox until it is empty. Collect various open loops on my phone and Google Drive and consolidate them. 

May 28, 2015

Whoops looks like I neglected to post yesterday. I did work, though! And how. Went from 2500 emails to 0 in 90 minutes. Feels good to have it empty! 

But I should have checked up on the skillshare site, if only to help set the habit. Daily writing on this blog will help me stay focused. No more missing days!

Today I processed my todoist inbox. Tagged the non-actionables and made projects for every task. Making next actionable tasks is an important step! I nearly forgot about it the first go-round. Almost all the tasks i processed were vague. I'm going to get better at making the tasks specfic.

I'm still very confused by Todoist, but I know that I'll find a way to make it work.

My goals for tomorrow: process the inbox on my iPod and other ideas and continue watching the videos.

May 29, 2015

Today I transferred all my project ideas onto evernote. My organization system isn't perfected yet--mostly deciding on what constitutes its own note or not is giving me trouble--but I'm certainly getting closer. On Todoist, I made my vague areas of responsibility a little more specific. The Containers are falling into place.

My goals for tomorrow: process the inbox on my iPod and finsih sorting Todoist areas and projects. Continue watching the videos.

May 30, 2015

Today I spent most of the time reorganizing Evernote. I had it organized a bit differently, but now I've got it more or less straightened out. Whew. Nothing much learned today otherwise. I'm itching to get to the "Do" phase, but I gotta wait it out.

Tomorrow's goals: watch the videos first off and follow their instructions. You can sort later.

May 31, 2015

Man all I did today was organize my Drive and my desktop. Still not done!

Tomorrow's goals: Watch the videos. Make progress. Continue organizing desktop.

June 1, 2015

Went through phase 4. Grappled with Google Calendar, but I'm getting the hang of it. Next, I went on to the review checklists. It's all very abstract to me still, but I'm sure I'll get it with time. Tomorrow, I learn to DO!

June 2, 2015

Went through the whole tagging thing. It's so helpful! I can feel Todoist starting to shape up. I'm excited for tomorrow. Maybe then I'll really have my system going.


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