Tonall Brand Narrative

Brand Values:

Creativity: We believe that all of the good in the world comes from a creative place. Whether composing a moving piece of music, solving a complex math problem, or figuring out how to feed the world, it takes creative thought and energy to move forward and evolve.

Community: One individual can accomplish great things, but the power of the community is exponentially greater. We believe that the greatest gift of the internet era has been the growth of communities worldwide. The notion of the “village” has largely gone away in the modern world, but the internet has created virtual villages that thrive and make all of it’s members better for it.

Cultivation: Cultivation as we see it is helping and nurturing others. It’s about education and understanding. The greatest thing we can give is education. A gift goes to one person, but an education can be passed down through the generations.

Culture: Culture is the greatest byproduct of cultivation. With a solid combination of creativity, community, and cultivation, we can build our own culture that will carry on well beyond the life of our brand or our products.

Brand Narrative:

We all know that life has a lot of twists and turns. Sometimes we’re overwhelmed with joy, sometimes sadness. There are days when we need a little extra energy or focus. Other days we just want to break away from our thoughts. No matter what life throws at us, there is one thing that virtually all of us turn to to help us through....music.

Most of us listen to music to bring back memories, lose ourselves, or pump ourselves up. But the lucky ones among us already know that playing music is infinitely better. The connection to the sound, and the feeling of creating music far outweighs just listening to a song. Even in the smallest ways we all know this already. We sing along in the car, we drum on our desks, and we rock out air guitar solos when no one is watching.

Tonall makes playing music a reality for more people through social musical instrument discovery. We bring the musicians of the world together in one place to talk about the instruments that they love and want to learn more about. Beginners and curious onlookers are welcome to take in the collective knowledge and add to it with questions and comments of their own.

Once armed with the knowledge they need to get started, we give them the tools to go out and find their “muse” in the form of whatever instrument they want to play. And we encourage them to come back and share what they have learned about the choices they make and the connections they build with musical instruments.

We honestly believe that playing music makes us better people, better friends, and better communities. Let’s save the world with rock ‘n roll.....or jazz.....or classical.....or whatever your heart desires.


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