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OCTOBER 10th -

My character brief is as follows:

He is a misanthropic wanderer living in a ruined world. Everything they have is scrounged up from the rubble of a world most of them do not even remember.He should be this, but with muscle. He is around 30 but looks to be closer to 40+ because of the wear and tear on his body. His look should warn people to stay away, and while he is damaged he can be very agressive when need be.


OCTOBER 11th - 

1. Pros: I like that he has a bag, some way to transport the goods he's collected, and I like the hunched posture.

Cons: The bag is far too big for his normal routine and the outfit is a little medieval. I think this is mostly a no go.

2. Pros: It shows his agressive side but since it looks like he's passing by, also shows if given the choice, he'd rather just not be involved. I like the Syth type weapon, and the 'feather' like things coming off, they remind me of the marking of more predatorial creatures. He looks very ragged, and very capable.

Cons: He looks a little too Native American. I'm not sure I want his showcase picture to be of his aggressive side. 

3.Pros: Shows his personality well, He doesn't look approachable, I like the addition of a hat because it would make sense in the world he lives in to have something very wide brimmed. 

Cons: I'd like to have more layers. 


OCTOBER 13th - 

As per a suggestion I noodled around with pose #5. Unfortunately everything felt off proportions wise so I did a lot of erasing.

Pros: Well he's a lot more concrete as to what he's wearing and what he looks like. He has layers and it's got more detail.

Cons: Well his coat is too heroic, I don't know what makes it hat way, but I don't want him to look like a hero. Also he's lost some of that serious definitely antisocial look the others have. Could that be just because he has more of a face? He lost a lot of the scarecrow look but I can bring that back during the next steps...

Well you guys know how hard it is to erase and go back. While I like the guy above, it's not the guy I was trying to draw. I knew that half way into it, but I had to keep going. Maybe he'll turn into him.. well he didn't. He looks a little too brave, a little too heroic. This new guy is more true to the original thumbnail and definitely looks a lot more like the character I was aiming for.

Pros: He's lankier, less steady. His pose is less healthy and grand, and more desperate. The scarecrow look is back, raggety clothes, the hanging bands that he's used to hold his outfit together. I definitely like this iteration better!

Cons: I think his head might be too big.. I don't want him too look cartoony. I'm not really fond of the whole head in general. I'll have to change the facial structure.

I don't know what do you guys think?

OCTOBER 13th -  (Later)

Fixed the huge head (Maybe went a little too far with it) and I deatiled the costuming. I also experimented with some variations. I think it's coming along!



I've made a few different heads and played around with the mixing and matching of accessories. What do you think?

I've pretty much decided on the fourth head. I'm still up in the air about the costuming.



I wasn't mad about the pose... so I did some new thumbnails. That said, it is a decent presentation pose, but not as exciting. I didn't have time to do much so thumbnails were it...



Well it is unfortunate that it has taken me this long to start the finalization process. October is a busy time at work. I'd definitely rather be drawing!

I fixed a lot of the anatomy issues and I feel he is standing much more firmly. Weirdly, it mostly involved switching the feet. My awkward posing while enhancing his.. a bit off look.. was sabotauging his grounding. I also made the hand a little more interesting.

As far as clothing I wasn't really liking his draping, it felt like it would have had to be sewn and he's just not going to do that. Odds are that he'd just find something, maybe tear it smaller and then drape it around his shoulders. So I made it more of a wrap.I also added two undershirts since it's cold! I still have to justify the hanging bits. I'm thinking he is gonna wrap some rope around his arms and torso loosely so that he can have it if he needs it.. not sure yet. 

After this I think I will refine the running pose from the new thumbnails as well, just to see the guy in action, and maybe to try out some different costuming ideas.

What do you think?


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