Tomorrow x S.K. (Mixed by Forensic)

What's good my fellow engineers? My name is Justin Walker aka Forensic or ForensicMix.  For my project, I'm submitting a song called Tomorrow by an artist I work with named S.K. My job in this project was recording engineer, mix engineer, and I actually made the instrumental as well. I'm not a consistent beat maker yet because I was always more interested in mixing and only recently decided to start making instrumentals. 

This was one of the first instrumentals I've ever made and I had just finished when S.K. walked in to record. He heard it and wrote this written freestyle in about 45 minutes and we were done recording by the end of the hour. Now my setup isn't the best compared to most people's, but I've learned how to work with what I have. I use a Sterling Audio ST59 microphone running through a Presonus tube preamp into an Mbox straight into Pro Tools 10. I think it's a great microphone, great preamp, and the Mbox works just fine for my small overdub and mix setup. After all, I am still a student. The instrumental was made in Logic Pro 9 and then each track was frozen into an audio file. We recorded over the 2 track stereo file for a quick and easy session. Once we were done recording, the multitrack was imported and I began the mix from scratch. 

UNMIXED: https://soundcloud.com/forensicmix/tomorrow-x-s-k-un-mixed-studio

This was the "take home" bounce I gave S.K. when he left the studio that day. There's no processing on the vocals except for the tube preamp and slight compression. There's also a hint of reverb so he could have a sense of space while tracking. 

MIXED: https://soundcloud.com/forensicmix/tomorrow-x-s-k-mixed

Here is the final product mixed and "mastered" for loudness. Aside from setting levels and assigning things to the stereo field, I also did a couple of cool editing tricks I learned from Pro Tools 101 like capturing vocal clips and repeating them throughout the song. In the first verse when the kicks come in, I chopped up half of that bar and repeated it twice by cutting each track to the grid and Command + D twice. Then I used Shuffle Mode to snap the remainding clips to the boundary making a near perfect edit. Then, I cut the beat on the 3rd repeat and automated the 808 and Kick to a bus containing a Square Wave signal generator making a buzzy, distorted 808 sound. This was inspired while listening to New Slaves by Kanye West and Young Guru showing us the routing in the class videos. 

I hope you guys enjoy! Thank you for reading this far and listening if you did. I would like feedback so feel free! Good luck to you all and keep grinding!

-Justin "Forensic" Walker


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