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Wesley Eggebrecht

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Tomo Brewing Co.

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What I am going to do for this label is create a fake company that sells cold brew coffee concentrate, Tomo Brewing Co., named after my coffee loving cat. I want this label/product to feel like it was created decades ago with elegant typography and a nice woodcut vibe spot illustration. This label will go on a 32oz Amber Boston round glass bottle. I originally invisioned the label to be screenprinted but with the amount of detail I think I'll be adding in I don't think it's going to work. We shall see. 

Here is my moodboard. It shows some of the type that will be on the bottle, some competitors, reference shots of my cat, coffee plant and bean reference, and a bunch of vintage labels and typography.

Logo Sketching: I spent an hour yesterday just sketching and messing around with different type treatments for the words "Tomo".

I was browsing around the interweb and found this cool video of some diy screen printing on glass. Maybe I'll give this a try when I finish.


Layout Sketches: Here are my layout sketches. Since I am going with a screen print application I don't have any borders. 


Refining Sketches: Here are the first two refined sketch. I plan on doing 1 more. (The starred layout sketches above)

(Refined Sketch One)

(Refined Sketch Two)


Label Placement: Playing around with placement and execution


Final Ink Drawing: Here is the final inked up label design. It's a mix of both the first and the second options. I liked the "Tomo" type from the second refined sketch but the full figured cat and type treatment of the "Cold Brew" on the first refined sketch.


Final Design: Here is the final design along with some pictures of the product. 

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