Tommy (Protagonist from North is Home)

Tommy is ex-military, 30 years old and served 8 years in the army and spent most of two years in Afghanistan chasing the Taliban through the mountains. He is a very loyal person to those he trusts but very suspicious of anyone he doesn't know. His flaw is insecurity in the form of his mental health. Tommy is affected by PTSD from the horrific things he experienced while deployed. As a result, Tommy doesn't trust many people and anxiety at times can influence him tom be rash. 

In spite of his flaws, Tommy has a strong moral code and is unlikely to deny someone aid. People who come to know him value his loyalty, sense of humor and gentle personality.  Tommy credits meeting his future wife (Janie) as the reason he has been able to overcome most of the worst symptoms of his PTSD that included depression and aggressive behavior. 

Tommy starts the story at a point where he is the version of himself that is pure in heart, the kind of guy that most of the neighborhood describes as a "great guy".  He is the kind of guy that helps the elderly woman next door mow the lawn, volunteers at church events and helps other vets. As the story progresses, the stress of the downfall of society causes his PTSD to come to the top and he finds himself becoming more of an anti-hero. 


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