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TomBoyz Apparel

History Of the Word TomBoy - Tomboy 1553, "rude, boisterous boy," from Tom + boy; meaning "bold or immodest woman" is attested from 1579; that of "girl who acts like a spirited boy" is first recorded 1592.


Mission Statement: We are a guy's line for girls, he can wear it but it is made for her. Providing quality and excellence for our TomBoyz

Slogan: Its his turn to steal her clothes. Hoodie and Heels, Hats and Stilettos.

Theme: Black n White

Target: TomBoyz is a style of clothing that women wear in all global markets. This style has become incorporated into the fashion market and has become a huge demand amongst women of all ages. The demand continues to grow as more streetwear companies have a female demand that is currently not being met.  My target is for all women that love guy fashion but make it her own.

Pricing: Pricing will very.  I want to keep my cost low, still providing quality merchandise and pass the savings on to the customer.  I want TomBoyz to be affordable as well as have a high end side to it.

Socks $12

Hats $28

Ties $15

Beanies $20

Shirts $25

Hoodies $35

Zip ups $40

Crew Necks $30

Suits – When we implement these they will be made to order and priced accordingly

Bio:  I started TomBoyz in 2010 as a company called JB&S. It was 1 shirt made for men. The guys loved the graphic on the back of the shirt but the front logo was not a hit. In 2011 and 2012 I was getting request to make a girl’s shirt with the guys graphic because the girls loved it. I made the shirts for girls in 2012 and got laid off from my job of 13 years. It actually turned out to be a blessing because it gave me the time needed to rethink the concept and to build the infrastructure to launch the TomBoyz brand in late 2013.

Why TomBoyz?

I have been a TomBoy my whole life...wearing guy’s clothes in a fun sexy way. Even when I was a kid, I always had a cute twist to my style. Hats, sweatshirts, cut off t's, socks to my knees. My style has always been one I had to create because there wasn't anyone in game that was accommodating for girls like me. This concept is more of a demand as well as fulfilling a dream.

More and more I see girls rocking the guy’s style. Cutting up their t's to fit their bodies, stealing their boyfriend’s hoodies or crewnecks to go out in. Yes some of that has to do with them wanting to be close to their man but at the end of the day it looks good... Hoodies and Heels, Hats and Stilettos, Cut off T's and short shorts. This is the TomBoy style.

My brand is a guy’s line for girls...he wants it but it's made for her. It's his turn to steal her hoodie! :)

TomBoyz will have T's, Tanks, Hoodies, Crewnecks, Beanies, Snap Backs, Trucker hats and tube socks with the TomBoyz logo. We are a niche brand coming out but we will evolve and be everything to our TomBoyz. We will supply her entire wardrobe. From her underwear, bra, straight to her suit and sexy ties.

The Logo:


The Icon:


From that to this...


As you can see it's a turtle that I am still working on but will have finished before the class is up. The turtle is very significant to TomBoyz, it has helped keep reminding me to stay slow and steady as well as reminding me dreams can be achieved as long as we don't give up.

The Color Palette:


Black 5 U

11-0601 TCX 

Our brand will remain black and white for the first few years, with a possible splash of color during certain seasons. We will have graphics every season; we will feature one sexy TomBoy chick a season possibly 2 for fun choices and some smart ass word t's. Below some examples of what’s to come.









TomBoyz Cut n Sew now on made for her but meant for him to steal. 

Logo usage on a large scale:



Look book is in the works as well as the website that will launch later this year.


This is TomBoyz...I work on my business day and night.  I am not a graphic designer and I do not have a design program.  I have to ask for favors from friends and when I can't ask for help I use powerpoint or sketch what I want until I can ask one of my friends to get my design perfected.  I am not letting money and the lack of programs limit me to succeed with this.  I know 100% this is going to be huge in the market place and with my turtle steps I will get there.  I have battled my whole life to get here and knowing I am making things happen slowly but surely makes me proud.  I am very grateful for having this class, it has helped me tremendously.  I don't feel I walk away a loser for being at the bottom.  I walk away a winner because things I would not have thought of...I now have a better plan on lock.  So I am truly thankful to jeff and to Skillshare.

Never give up on your dreams, there is room for all of abundantly and thrive!

Cheers and thank you.

Since first posting this, TomBoyz Apparel has grown, with the website being on it is the online store.  Since I don't want to blog and I only have an interest to make clothes, I went with Big Cartel.  Bought the url and merged the url with Big Cartel. 



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