Tom Waits Poster

I chose to do my poster on Tom Waits. Tom Waits has a diverse musical style that's incredibly unique. I noticed that in his recent concerts he likes to use a megaphone when he's singing.

This is pretty unique to him so I chose to use that, as well as one of his signature hats. 

The megaphone evolved into a horn from an old record player, which is something he also uses in his imagery. I came up with the idea that these horns are blooming organically from his hat, which I think is fitting.

I then built my poster in Illustrator, but traced with the pen tool instead of using live trace, which probably saved me a lot of headaches, lol. I made sure there weren't any smooth lines to kind of show the gravelly tone of his vocals. I chose the color palette of black, gold, and light blue.

I'm happy with how it turned out and would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks Jesse, this was a fun class and it really made me branch out of my comfort zone. :) 

Ok, so Jesse pointed out I would have trouble overlaying the blues in the background (Thanks, I don't know how I overlooked that!)  so I merged the blue background shapes together. I also did a version without the squiggles because I'm thinking they're too distracting... 



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