Tom Gibbons


Likability: He is a bit rude in general, but has some charm. He doesn't take crap and will ruin your day if you're not careful, but if you were to just have a conversation with him he'd be sarcastic, witty and fun to be around.


Competency: VERY LOW. He is a singer in a band but not a good one. He mainly just screams at the top of his lungs to hit certain notes. He also starts off with some severe stage fright issues, which eventually start to get better.


Activity: He has a very high activity. He constantly is trying to further the band and make connections with the people he works with. He actively fights for what he believes in, even if it means stepping on some toes.


Bio: He was born in a very abusive home, never having any real ambitions but to get away. He eventually ran away from home to get a fresh start. As he goes, he starts to like and want to make music, the only issue being that he has little if any talent. He ends up in New York, eager to make a name for himself


Story: While in New York, he discovers punk rock music. He instantly loves it and decides he wants to start a band. As the band grows popular, past the original punk rock scene in New York, the band falls apart and begins to sell out