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Christian McCormick

Graphic Design Student



Tom Eckersley Poster

For my project I decided to duplicate Tom Eckersley's poster for the Royal Artillery Museum. I chose this poster because of its clean lines, well–defined shapes, and rich colors.

To begin my project I created the black silhouette of the solider on top of the green background. I also included what I presume is a feather on top of his hat. Not much, but it seemed like a good foundation to build on.

Next, I added the rest of the shapes. I began with lower layers such as the soldier's skin and unfiform embellishments and built up to the shapes in the foreground such as the horse's head. I used a combination of the techniques I learned in this class such as drawing with the pen tool and shape building. I also used the pathfinder tools several times (to create the face of the solider, for example). At this point I am pretty happy with the solider and horse but am not sure I like the way that the artillery cannon in the bottom–right is looking. I may touch up on the cannon later.

For my next revision I added the text, modified the cannon, added a small brushstroke to the upper–left corner, and refined the colors. I chose to use Helvetica Neue for the text as I felt it best matched the original font. I made some changes to the tracking and kerning to better match the type in the original poster. Due to the quality of the original image, fine–tuning the cannon was difficult; I decided to try my best and leave it be. The small brushstroke in the upper–left corner was a result of the original image quality as well. What was probably text in the original poster turned into an incomprehensible squiggle in the image, so I decided to create a rough line in its place to retain balance in the composition and add some visual interest. It also gave me a chance to use the brush tool, albeit a small one. Lastly, I made a very small change to the red color and turned the flat background into an extremely subtle gradient. I'm not sure if the original image had a gradient for a background, but it appeared so to me so I decided to replicate it the best I could. I think it looks nice as well.

For my final changes to the poster I removed the line in the upper–left corner and instead added subtle texture to that corner and the left and right sides of the poster. I wanted the effect to be VERY slight, so I kept the color very close to the background. I felt that if I made the effect too dramatic the soldier and horse would lose some of its impact.

And that's it! I'm going to call this project complete. I'm satsified with the results and even more satisfied with what I've learned in this class. Super stoked to apply what I've learned here to my future projects. Thanks Brad!


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