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Jacob Cummings




Tolkien Drop Cap

First concept

November 16th - Concept of Bilbo Baggins' sword Sting creating the T for Tolkien. The blade is symbolic of the journey that Tolkien writes about, starting with Bilbo in the prequel to being passed down to Frodo in LotR, the sword making an appearance in every book. The 2nd Example shows the capital T clearer than the 1st.

Second Concept

November 19th - Wanted to do a more tradional letterform, they use uncials in the book. The T is made out of gold that Smaug guards and plated with wood to give it a feeling of the hobbit's environment. I used a gem in the center trying to resemble the Arkenstone from the book. The second example is a simplified version with the Arkenstone being the main focus and being able to print just 2 color. I have another idea for this concept including motifs from the Book of Kells, stay tuned.


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