Tolerance for everyone

Tolerance for everyone - student project

Tolerance for everyone - image 1 - student project

The poster is about being tolerant of everyone. Sometimes it’s hard to accept another person’s otherness when you consider your vision true and tolerant enough.

I think each of us is unique. A person is a drop - individual, beautiful, and it is a part of the whole ocean. I want to note one thought that I read in the book Being Ecological by Timothy Morton - the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. We are all drops, but we are something more than the ocean.

I visited the Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center and passed the test "Are you a tolerant person?" I guess "Yes, I am tolerant." But the test showed that it isn't at all. I'm tolerant in situations familiar to me, tolerant within the normal range, but outside the normal range I'm afraid that someone can destroy my usual way of life. The questions were about noisy children - and it really is difficult for me to bear children and the noise from them, different from my ideas about cleanliness. I'm working on it.