"&" (Tolerance Posters)

"&" (Tolerance Posters) - student project

"&" (Tolerance Posters) - image 1 - student project


I'm a bit late to the party but wanted to take the opportunity and try to come up with an idea for the Tolerance Poster series. It's not quite perfect, but that's a great segway into the thought behind this piece. Nobody's perfect and everybody has their flaws, this why I've created this fella right here.

The"&" has two purposes in this piece. For one it represents the major facial features of the face on a visual level, but also stands for inclusion rather then exclusion. Also it poses the question "And what?" I'm not quite sure, if this really applies in English, but in Germany we would pose the question "Und?!" if someone complains about flaws to ask the question why that should matter.

With the choice of pink as my primary color, I wanted to convey a rather playful, innocent look and also pink (at least for me and every 4 year old) is the color I use when drawing a human. Through pink we are all bound together!

So, that was my long winded explanation this little fella above. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I loved the course btw.