Tolerance Poster

Tolerance Poster - student project

Tolerance Poster - image 1 - student project

Above is my updated poster as per Mirko's feedback. I'm open to anyone giving me any feedback on improving the poster.


Tolerance poster for the Mirko Illic class.

The poster is a comment on the Islamophobia that is very apparent here in the UK / EU. Muslim women in particular have to tolerate these racist attacks, both verbal and physical. I create this image as a reference to the Burqa, which lots of Muslim women wear here in the UK. I feel it's their choice to wear this, and they should be free to express their religious beliefs without persecution from right wing groups. Women particularly in Islam have unfortunately had to tolerate a huge imbalance in their rights within their lives and this only bigotry adds to the issue.


Apologies to Mirko for not using vertical type. I felt that the type in this form was saying a stronger message than I could produce in a vertical. I guess you have to break SOME rules ey!


Tolerance Poster - image 2 - student project


Please let me know any feedback or thoughts you have. I have included a site that helps Muslim women empower themselves within the context of their belief system.