Tokyo to Truckee Nighttime

This image was a 30-second exposure, with an initial hit of flash on the subject's face/upper body, followed by a headlamp to trace out the subject's body and snowboard. After the trace, I popped the flash behind the subject on the ground, once left, once right. Quick flip to black and white in Lightroom. This idea can easily be expanded upon with a bit more preparation and equipment...thanks Chris for the motivation with light painting.

Tokyo Tower as viewed from the Shibuya area, about 30 stories up. This was a rather short exposure at 1.3 seconds, but still happy with the results. I'll need to step up my bracketing game and try long exposures for every single night image, rather than being satisfied with the initial results.

Certainly the weakest in the batch here...for some reason I couldn't get an angle on any satisfactory light streaks for a long exposure...my bad. Will need to search a bit more thorough next time around...as you should always take the extra time to explore a better option in any given photo situation. This picture was a 4-second exposure.

Before signing up for this photo class, I was at a wedding with family and we kept ourselves entertained part of the evening with some light painting. By leaving the shutter open on a Lumix GX-1 for 10-15 seconds, and using the LED candles on the tables to write our names and initials, you instantly had fun photos. It was a great time for the family members as you could imagine, they thought it was camera magic...hehe.

You can utilize this technique on just about any point and shoot or micro 4:3 camera that comes equipped with a manual shutter setting. The light on the subject in this photo is from another point and shoot that I grabbed and fired a frame...supplying some additional light. After showing them how to handle the camera (and the 'flash' camera), they took it from there and shot photos for a couple of hours. I just sat back and enjoyed how much fun the aunts, uncles and cousins were having. Dean


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