Tokyo Sunrise Live Single Release by L.P.

updated- thumbnail sketches

unsure about including a city because of the name of the song


(album cover : warner bros records: http://goo.gl/sIUsu)

Band: L.P.
Song: Tokyo Sunrise Live at Eastwest Studios
Genre: spans genres…rock, pop, folk…epic ballade

Project: album cover for single release of Tokyo Sunrise Live

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Upd9BD9rSA
Band Website: http://www.iamlp.com
Album Sale: http://www.amazon.com/Into-Wild-CD-DVD-LP/dp/B007IJKI08

adjectives to describe L.P.'s voice, lyrics, songs, instrumentation:

emotional depth

song takes you on a atmospheric journey, across cultures/continents

a lot of reference to elements…earth fire water, gold mines
atmospheric space and lighting - concert hall in video

some lyrics from "tokyo sunrise" live recording at east west studios:

"some day in the sky we'll see the same sun on the rise"
"but shores of love get beaten by the waves and after it was done I wish I'd saved time…"
"one less spark from a flame…"
"i think i lost your scent after the rain"
"i'll find your way and our paths cross by the gold mines"
"while your blood is warm i'll keep the home fires"

album covers i've seen are photographs of lead singer songwriter

live album link:
website about page: http://www.iamlp.com/#about - visual, landscape photo grungy blurry texture with film grain crackling overlay
about new album with warner bros.

L.P. wants to take us on a "journey of a record"

Some current album covers and photos of singer songrwriter L.P.

(warner bros records: http://goo.gl/sIUsu)


(photo source: http://goo.gl/eP5f7)

(photo source:http://goo.gl/7n1hV)

(photo credit: http://goo.gl/EdxcH)

Some atmospheric -elemental - inspirational photos

(photo credit: http://goo.gl/xlkkd)

(photo credit: http://goo.gl/0KYOz)

(photo credit: http://goo.gl/WZjOs)

Texture treatments and illustrative styles that I like:

(source: http://goo.gl/HOHUp)

(souce: http://goo.gl/4HSBU)

(source: http://goo.gl/M46WU)

(source: http://goo.gl/rWV1I)


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