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Tokyo Neon

Whenever I think of neon, the first thing that comes to mind is Hong Kong or Tokyo night scene (bars and clubs). So I thought it would be interesting if can make a neon sign that look like something from a Hong Kong or Tokyo street.

I don't know any interesting Chinese/Japanese phrase so I googled "Wonderful foreign words." has an awesome list of foreign words with no English equivalent. From that list, I searched for words that are of Japanese origin. There were a few good phrases but the one that made a strong impression to me is the phrase "恋の予感 (koi no yokan)" It means the sense upon first meeting a person that the two of you are going to fall in love. Apparently, it is different from "love-at-first-sight." It's more like "sexual-attraction-at-first-sight" since it uses the word "恋" (koi) which means love but the passion and attraction sense of the word. I thought this will be my phrase for this project because it kind of sounds like a phrase a bar or night club would use (don't you think?).

Here’s a great video I found that illustrates ‘koi no yokan’:

Initial sketch:


Final version (maybe):


Final GIF:



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