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Toile de la Ville Venteux

Hello! I'm Annette, an artist and illustrator studying to become a surface pattern designer. 

Bärbel this was a great class. I've always wanted to create a toile pattern, but it seemed nearly impossible. You really helped to make this a tangible goal for me. 




Pattern Description

Inspired by cold, windy Chicago winters, "Toile de la Ville Venteux" (Windy City Toile) is my first toile pattern that incorporates Chicago's iconic Picasso sculpture, the official city flower, the chrysanthemum, our "Cloud Gate" sculpture, bare winter trees, a portion of the Chicago skyline from the north, along with stylized symbols of wind and clouds. Overcast and chill are indicated in this dusty blue and grey color palette.



Motif Descriptions

Cloud Gate sculpture: It is hard to think of downtown Chicago without thinking about "the bean."

Picasso sculpture: This is one of the first sculptures I remember seeing as a kid, so its meaning is more sentimental for me. I served on jury duty a couple weeks ago and walked past this sculpture  daily, so it was at the forefront of my mind.

Skyline facing south: This isn't an iconic portion of the Chicago skyline, but I wanted to communicate how there are many building that exist beyond the most famous ones. 

Chrysanthemums: I wanted to include at least one flower even though we don't see them much during the winter. Chrysanthemums are the official flower of Chicago.

Bare trees: I think bare trees are beautiful and complex and they abound in Chicago during colder months.

Stylized clouds and wind: Chicago is truly a "Windy City" so I wanted to incorporate wind in some way. Out winters are pretty gloomy for the most part so I thought the clouds were appropriate as well. 


Finished Pattern Images:







Thanks again for this class!


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