Toile de Kraken

I'm Beth, mom of 3 and full time fiber artist. I started learning Ai and surface pattern design this year, hoping to move my career in that direction. Toile de Jouy is pretty far out of my wheelhouse, but my sister had mentioned wanting a Kraken shower curtain and it occurred to me that it would make a fun toile design. I live in the Midwest US, so oceanic environments are not readily available to me, I relied on google images for my inspiration board and reference photos.ff40b60bI didn't create a color palette because in my mind's eye I knew I wanted a dark blue/black on cream. I just used the HSB sliders to find my colors. I may go back and make one to play with more options later on. 

The motifs I chose were the Kraken (actually an octopus, but we're all just cephalopods amongst friends ;), a ship in the midst of a Kraken Attack, a coral reef, an anchor with coral and starfish accents and a shipwreck. I also drew some kelp that I had thought I'd use as filler, but I ended up copying and adapting the waves from the attack drawing instead. 


The first pattern I made was the more open design, which I didn't love. I don't think my drawings were enough varied in shape.


I am much more satisfied with my more dense design.



Oh yes! And the Dory fish in the coral reef! She was in the reference photo, but I had not planned to include her in my drawing. My 3 year old daughter was watching me work and demanded I draw Dory, so of course I did. I think she adds quite a nice touch. :)


Updating to add color variations:





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