Togetherness - student project

I started off as pretty insecure about the idea of having a self-portrait session, I followed the class wishing I had the confidence to do it, but ended up deciding I'd do it for my partner. So I took notes, tried to keep some things in mind and did it for them, which was exciting and thought me some things.

Then I decided I really wanted to also try it on my own, which is how the following came out. I really like the way they look, they are also more or less experimental with the editing style because I'm still trying to find my own.

But overall, there were a lot of grate things I learned from this course, and that helped boost my creativity and confidence.

The main theme I wanted to portray with these self-portraits was one of a vague sense of loneliness, but that even in the darkest of times you are there for yourself no matter what. I wanted to represent my own journey with my mental health in a creative way.

Togetherness - image 1 - student project

Togetherness - image 2 - student project

Togetherness - image 3 - student project