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Miguel Cano

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Toe Nail Troubles

I actually just finished another comic class on skill share so I have some characters already prepared.  I saw this class and loved how John explains his techniques to generate funny ideas. I found his frameworks to be very insightful and useful.

I'm pretty new to creating comics but one thing I've discovered so far is it can be really challenging just making a decision about which way your comic should go. It's also incredibly fun trying to figure that out.

I did a few drafts with different endings. Below shows one draft where I actually have both a character moment and a reversal. Not sure its a great idea to do that...


I decieded that going with a character moment alone worked better so I chose that for my final (below)

I've been working on my comics for about a month now. I'm trying to do two a week. You can find them here.

Thanks John for a great class!


Comic below has been edited using John's notes. Long overdue - sorry John! I also tweaked the copy to match the optimisim in frames three and four. I think I see how by putting up a brave face till the very end the nail clipper's character moment packs more punch. - thanks so much!


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