"Todos los cuerpos son cuerpos de verano" - "All bodies are summer bodies" | Skillshare Projects

Melisa Moreu Rivas

Fashion Designer



"Todos los cuerpos son cuerpos de verano" - "All bodies are summer bodies"

My class project was applied to my real project: Rone malagasha, is a swimwear brand for women in Colombia. Basically summer holidays are coming, in our case are just holidays because we have no summer, but everyone travels to hot weather and the search for a bathing suit begins.

What's my story?: Quit the "perfect body" cliche that most brands use to attract people to their "body shaper products", and instead bring the reality to the table: Women are people, humans who carry a body of flesh and bone.

Now, what about that body shape classification? - apple type, banana type, etc.. - an insult.

JABS: Catching phrase about your body type + Catching illustration (model wearing Rone malagasha designs)  + Call to think about stereotypes + Brand logo (total of 6 posts campaign) + Trending hashtags (since no one cares about mines I mixed #rone with #LoseHateNotWeight #RealBodies #FashionRevolution and #effyourbeautystandards)

RIGHT HOOK:  buy now!

1º Illustration

2º JABS: You are worth it, you are beautiful just the way you are








3º RIGHT HOOK: Buy now!



I did my best, hope you like it!


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