Today's mantra!

Today I stumbled upon the Facebook page (uh hum FB stalker!) of a person that I grew up with who was a grade ahead of me who I haven't thought of since. ( I moved far, far away from home the moment after I graduated high school.) We grew up in a rural community, in very small schools. Everyone knew everyone. Our younger siblings were in the same grade and class. Our mothers were on the PTA committee together.  We were often involved in things together despite the fact that a she was not particularly fond of me. She was actually really mean to me! The overwhelming lack of fierce, productive, independent, educated female role models in my life as an adolescent/teenager coupled with the incessant unattainable ideals of beauty forced upon young people through mass media/social media and the shifting of my family foundation and therefore dynamic it is no wonder I had grown very shy and insecure of myself, my body, my gifts and talents in high school.

It has taken me many years , nearly a decade since leaving home, to find my foundation again, to weed through all the inherited ideas about women/artists that didn't serve me.. I know feel strong and directed and purposeful. I remind myself of my strengths, my talents, the work I have done and the challenges I have faced. I hang on to the fleeting bits and pieces that have crossed my path that resonate and help me to tune in to my higher self, my true self. This is one of those quotes: "Daughter, know yourself as the Goddess." 


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