Today is better than yesterday (but worse than tomorrow)

YouTube comment that inspired the story: "The recent-ness of things that sound far away always amazes me. The guillotine was last used to officially behead a criminal in the same year that Start Wars (sic) came out." - By LazerLord10 on video: "Sawdust bread"


I really recommend the video, it's great, I generally really like the Vlogbrothers. That video (and that comment) inspired me to write something about being optimistic of the future. 


Dating profile: 

Steve, 25

Data Analyst at FnG

About me: Jersey boy thriving in the city. In case my nose doesn’t give it away: I am Italian. I work with (and actually really like) numbers. I enjoy a good brew or tw(o/elve), especially atop a big building, but also like a night of Netflix or Cards Against Humanity with friends. P.S: My momma taught me well, my lasagna is da bomb.


So... the specifications said 3-5 pages, but I really liked the character and the words kept coming and now it's 20 pages. Since I don't want to spam this site, I just put it on my blog. Here's the link in case anyone wants to read it.


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