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Sierra Schwartz




Today is a good day to have a good day


- 1/4/2014 -

I am a bit late to the game on this, just starting this week, but I am extremely excited to start! 

I decided to choose a quote that would help set the mood for the new year. I decided on "Today is a good day to have a good day." I really like the concept of it, the idea that each day is a new experence, and It really expresses my desire to get over the bad things and move forward each new day. 

I knew I wanted to design a poster, something that can hopefully be printed and hung up on a wall.


I collected insperation on a pinterest page, and ended up with an interesting mix of Vintage signs, patterns and typography. 

Visit the Pinterest Page Here

- 1/5/14 -

I decided to do a few sketches, focusing on the words "Good Day" (and because it is in the quote twice. :)  )

I think I might do a bit more before miving on, I want to play with some of the ideas here a bit further, but I think this is a good start.

(Sorry for the rough images!)

- 1/12/14 -

I have done a couple more wood sketches and a couple of thumbnails. I am hoping to do more before I finalize anything, and would love suggestions!

I really like the use of the banner, but I am not sure of the second "Good Day", I think it needs a bit more ornamentation... 

while I like the star in this one, I think it needs to be bigger. Also, I wanted to experiment with using the old Mirror Lights as a frame. 

- 1/16/14 -

Just trying out a couple more thumbnails. I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with good layouts. I am hoping that taking a few days to think about it might bring some insperation.


- 3/16/14 -

Wow, It's been so long! I stepped away from this project for a bit, I was having trouble getting any further. I decided to take some time this weekend to re-look at it, and made some progress.

I decided to go ahead and ink my first sketch. 

After this, I moved into vector-izing it. I decided to take colors direct from my mood board.

And here is where I ended up-


There are a few things I want to change now they I see it cleaned up and in color. I think it needs some more ornamentation, the words are kind of floating alone right now, and I think a border would help as well



I Decided to add in some extra ornimentation to give the piece a bit more depth. I think it needs a backgrounfd, but not sure yet. 

Any feedback on what to add would be great!!


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